Design Development

Let our design team give you the freedom to make your ideas become reality.

The design team is either at the end of the phone or available for you to visit us to help you discuss your ideas. Whether it be a roughly sketched idea or fully detailed drawings, we will work through all options to realise your finished product. The 3D ability of our CAD software,  allows us to quickly build an accurate model to help you visualise your finished product for either a one-off or a production run.

Knaresborough Engineering realises a designer can create anything on a screen in a cyber world. We understand the production parameters of the materials we are using to create your products. Our design team have many years’ experience on the shop floor which allows us to apply this knowledge, giving greater understanding of the processes involved, from design to manufacture.
Knaresborough Engineering believes communication with its customers is an integral part of the design process. Equally important is our ability to communicate between the designers and the workshop craftsmen. After all, it is the workshop team who have the capability to accomplish the designers’ concepts.