Laser Cutting

80Amada LCG-3015 AJ High Speed Fiber Laser

The new AMADA LCG-3015 AJ produces a high standard of precision cutting and profiling.

The laser offers technology to meet the highest standards in quality and reliability, specifically designed to handle high-speed operation the LCG-3015 AJ has a high speed cutting head with increased sensing speed for faster cutting 

The use of one of the world’s leading sheet metal cad cam packages, RADAN, ensures accurate and highly efficient manufacturing throughout all stages of the process.

The laser gives the flexibility to produce any profile shape, without the tooling costs incurred with punching, whether a one-off prototype or a full production run.

Our stock holding in stainless steel grades 304 and 316, zintec, galvanised and hot rolled mild steel allows a quick turn-around of production and those urgent one-off profiles that are ‘wanted yesterday’. Material not in stock can usually be sourced from our extensive range of local suppliers with a next day delivery.